Public Transport Models

Errol made several models of buses and trains in the late 1960s – early 1970s, including models for the NSW Transport Department, Western Australian Government Railways and South African Railways.

Comeng diesel railcar for WAGR Perth-Kalgoorlie Daylight Service

Leyland Atlantean Buses

The Leyland Atlantean series of double- and single-decker buses were an everyday sight in Sydney from the early 1970s until around 1986. Their introduction heralded the now-familiar blue and white colour scheme, replacing the old green and cream buses.

As the newspaper article below shows, their debut was marred by controversy, as they were the first double-deckers in Sydney to be manned by a one-person crew, doing away with the conductor.

The photos in the slideshow below were taken by Errol in 1971.

Historic Leyland Atlantean double-decker bus
If you're lucky, you can still catch a ride on one of these grand old dames in Sydney from time to time. Image © Mark Wallace, 7th August 2022.

Here are two more photos of the two single-decker Atlanteans along with another unidentified bus – are there any eagle-eyed bus spotters who can identify the red/silver bus? Email 

The articles below are from the Sydney Morning Herald.

‘Drive – or be dismissed’ was the front page headline on 23rd November 1971.

‘New buses to be blue and white’ is undated, and would likely be from earlier in 1971.

Perth-Kalgoorlie Train

These diesel railcars for the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) Perth-Kalgoorlie Daylight Service were introduced in 1969, manufactured by Commonwealth Engineering (N.S.W.) Pty Ltd.

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